Informed Decisions Begin With Feedback

Customers who are able to monitor and control their consumption benefit the world we all share.

Everyone wants to do the right thing for the Environment, but which one has the most impact? Which one is the easiest to start doing today? It’s easy to say, “just use less” but without information or control how do you know if you are doing it right or doing enough?

Just how far can we move the needle?

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Ten Percent

Pre-pay tends to reduce energy consumption through awareness and has demonstrated an average 10% savings in utility usage.

That means fewer power plants and reduced pressure on infrastructure. Customers are empowered with the responsibility to monitor and control their own consumption to benefit the world we all share.




Pre-Pay Is Cleaner & Greener

If Pre-Pay means consumers use less energy, utilities could delay or eliminate power plant construction.

Utilities might not have to build as many power plants, and the world we share is cleaner for all generations.


Video: “Why We’re Excited About PayGo”

– Liz Coyle of GeorgiaWatch


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