PayGo At-A-Glance

PayGo is deployed by utility companies and leverages smart meter infrastructure. This allows utility subscribers to enroll without large deposits or established credit – and “pay as they go” for their utility usage.

Using a smartphone, they can monitor their power usage in real-time or receive alerts by email, voice prompt, or text message. PayGo makes it easy, summarizing the customer’s consumption in terms of “days remaining” of energy instead of confusing metrics like kilowatt hours.

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PayGo Is Payments

PayGo understands payments and collections are major components of the utility daily business.

PayGo makes payments convenient and flexible for utility customers. With PayGo’s payment services, customers can use a credit/debit/ACH through our full Merchant Services Provider (MSP) payment application for either a Pre-Pay or a Post-paid account.




PayGo Is Pre-Pay

PayGo services are designed to facilitate the full utility Pre-Pay lifecycle experience.

These services support assistance with regulatory filings, solution design, marketing strategy, contact center training, application customization and payment channel enhancement.


PayGo Is Post-Paid Too

PayGo provides a platform whereby customers can use a credit/debit/ACH through our full Merchant Services Provider (MSP) payment application.

The customer account information can be retrieved via account number and/or registered phone number even through Single Sign-on (SSO) from utility applications. The customer stores their card or bank account (ACH) information on the PayGo PCI compliant payment system. For cash payments, postpaid customers can use our CheckOut by PayGo platform at over 200,000 locations.




PayGo Is Mobile

PayGo can provide applications for mobile devices or work with utility or 3rd party mobile apps.

The customer may prefer to use their smartphone as a means to make a Pre-Pay or Post-paid card payment at their convenience at any location.


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– Ronnie Noble of Georgia Power


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Now Utility Payments Can Be Made In The Checkout Lane


Now utility customers can make pre-pay and post-paid payments while shopping at retail locations such as Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree and Dollar General.

CheckOut by PayGo