Experience and Legacy

We understand your focus on testing, accuracy, and customer service.

Maybe it’s the culture. Perhaps it’s the fact that utilities have front line safety requirements that require extensive redundancy, repeated cycle testing, and methodical pilots and controlled new product roll outs.

PayGo was built upon the premise that understanding utility challenges was the best way to deliver solutions that truly empower utility customers and employees. Accordingly, our leadership team reflects a deep understanding of everyday issues that impact utility employees and customers, as well as the complex business requirements solutions need to address.

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Leveraged Infrastructure

PayGo leverages the distributed processing power available in today’s new electric meters.

PayGo is an application that adds to the returns envisioned in the AMI / AMR business cases. In the last few years, memory inside Smart Meters has increase to as much as 128 megabytes from the old standard of 256 kilobytes. That’s a 50,000% increase in memory.




A Complete Solution

Real Time Pre-Pay

PayGo software and technology resides from the back office all the way to the smart meter providing a full, real time meter to cash solution.


Full payment platform for credit/debit/ACH with SSO for web portals, mobile, IVR and kiosks. CheckOut by PayGo® provides in line cash payments at nearly 200,000 retail locations.

Regulatory and Marketing

PayGo knows major utility, especially IOUs. We understand support for regulatory activities and the marketing requirements to make Pre-Pay successful at the utility.


Fully Integrated

PayGo is the only company that can provide a fully integrated customer engagement and optional payment solution.

This enhanced level of service maximizes the benefits to the customer while reducing operational costs for the utility.




Predictive Intelligence

PayGo uses predictive intelligence to forecast energy consumption and suggests real-world actions to stay within the customers remaining energy allowance.

At any time, the customer may “refill” or add to their allowance by entering their payment information on their smartphone, or use cash or debit cards at a number of local retail establishments right at the point of purchase.


A Complete Mobile Payments Platform

Our commitment to mobile payments is so strong, that companies use PayGo as their mobile payment platform of choice for both Pre-Pay and Post-Pay.

The platform can be integrated into the utility’s existing web portal for the same look and feel which is simply another way to drive higher customer satisfaction for the utilities that participate. Once again, PayGo’s integrated payment processing competency makes it a simple, lower cost, integrated way to drive higher service levels.




Now Utility Payments Can Be Made In The Checkout Lane


Now utility customers can make pre-pay and post-paid payments while shopping at retail locations such as Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree and Dollar General.

CheckOut by PayGo


Video: “Why We’re Excited About PayGo”

– Liz Coyle of GeorgiaWatch


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