Safe, Secure & Efficient

Kiosks can provide safe, secure and efficient utility payments, especially in the utility local office. With advanced web interaction, these centers also enable enrolling customers in a variety of utility programs. Whether it’s payment or enrollment initiatives, PayGo can integrate to existing kiosk solutions with its client utilities.

Customer Payments

PayGo designs its software to allow customers to use cash or cards seamlessly in your kiosk while including the appropriate controls and interfaces to your core systems. Whether the kiosk is a standalone or located in a utility payment center, the focus is on convenient and flexible payment methods, which frees utility employee time for other valuable activities.

PayGo partners to provide kiosks for Pre-pay and Postpay processing that meet the utility’s specific payment method requirements. The utility may purchase the kiosk solution or PayGo can provide it as a complete turn-key cash and payment management service. PayGo’s kiosk service plan can also provide for “cost-sharing” of expenses to minimize operating costs.

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