We Understand Your Focus

PayGo is a team of accomplished individuals who have used, managed, built, designed, and sold the requisite elements of real utility solutions that enable better service at a lower cost for customers or members. We don’t sell software; we provide a fully integrated solution that solves problems while raising customer satisfaction.

PayGo was built upon the premise that understanding utility challenges was the best way to deliver solutions that truly empower utility customers and employees.

Accordingly, our leadership team reflects a deep understanding of everyday issues that impact utility employees and customers, as well as the complex business requirements solutions need to address.

The Team At PayGo Has:

  • Led, deregulated and regulated utilities
  • Built AMI systems
  • Designed smart meter solutions
  • Managed AMI procurement processes
  • Implemented AMI solutions
  • Designed and deployed billing systems for the most complex energy markets
  • Built payment processing platforms
  • Delivered mobile payment platforms
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