Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative publishes case study regarding Georgia Power’s prepay program

14 Dec 2017

Posted in General, Press by PayGo Utilities

In 2013, Georgia Power brought in an outside consulting firm to help with a study of the customer base. Georgia Power conducted a survey to get a better understanding of areas where customers thought the utility could be doing a better job. Relating to payment options specifically, two primary themes emerged from customers’ responses:

  1. Customers want more flexibility and ease with payment options
  2. Customers want to use their preferred method of payment

Based on the information gathered, Georgia Power sought to make changes that would meet the changing needs and challenges of its customers, which included the introduction of the smart-meter Pre-Pay payment program by PayGo.

In this case study, Georgia Power provides details on the pre-pay program, results and reception so far, and the future of the program.

To read the full case study, click here.