A Customer In Control Is A Happier Customer

Before Pre-Pay, everything was backward.

Customers didn’t know how much they used or how much they owed until it was too late. Variable rates and metrics made it impossible to understand the impact of everyday decisions on consumption.

The bill told the story in stark black and white – “pay this amount, by this date, or else.”

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Pre-Pay Changes Everything

Customers can now see the effect of their usage in real-time, not a month later when the bill comes.

They can set thresholds and budget – receiving real-time alerts when they are using too much or are reaching their limit. It expands their options around where and how often they can “refill” their account.

Want to refill every week on payday? No problem. Want to pay on your smartphone or at your local grocery store? Easy.




Pre-Pay Is For Everyone

It’s a great solution for anyone who wants to take responsibility and control over their consumption.

It’s for people who love feedback, love to keep score on how they are spending their money and our natural resources. It’s for smart, budget-conscious consumers that want to make the most of their hard-earned dollars.


Pre-Pay Is Convenient

Limited “Token” recharge technologies and locations were inconvenient for consumers.

PayGo offers more advanced payment solutions. It’s neither environmentally efficient nor economical for consumers to be “forced” to leave their home to recharge. Whether it’s a mobile payment, an IVR call, a web payment, or a retail location, Pre-pay is for consumers to be able to pay bills where and when they want.




Pre-Pay Is Seamless

Smart Meter and related networks make Pre-Pay a seamless, customer experience-improving application.

Consumers get real-time feedback via their smartphone, text, or email notifications on their consumption allowing them to take action and conserve energy and their hard-earned dollars.


Video: “Why We’re Excited About PayGo”

– Liz Coyle of GeorgiaWatch


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